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Jr./Sr. High School
Home of the Argylls
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Our School

Located in the heart of Indiana, Madison-Grant Junior High and High School (Madison-Grant Jr./Sr. High School) is the perfect place to cultivate, inspire, and educate your child. At MG, we have committed ourselves to developing well-rounded students who can handle life’s challenges and pursue a path that will lead to success.

Core Values

We are proud of our school and the tradition of excellence we maintain. Every school in the Madison-Grant USC family adheres to a set of core values that drives instruction and influences every financial decision we make. They are:

Integrity is doing what you say you are going to do whether or not anyone notices. It includes the development of moral character, the observation of ethical principles, and honesty.

Continuous Improvement
We expect continuous improvement from not only our students but also our teachers and staff. We want every member of the MG family to show growth and progress in both learning and teaching and an improvement in our educational processes and services.

High Expectations
We are raising the bar for student achievement, requiring more from our students because we know they are capable of more.

Accountability means holding people responsible for their performance and behavior. Teenagers are notorious for wanting more freedom, but new freedoms require new responsibility. We want our students to willingly accept that responsibility.

Data Driven Decision-Making
We strive to make all decisions based on the needs disclosed through collected student data. This data may include academic performance, attendance, and demographics.

Teamwork is a joint effort in which each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group.

We are committed to protecting every person who walks through our doors against physical, social, spiritual, financial, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational, or other types of consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents, or harm.

MG is eliminating educational gaps and overlaps by updating our learning standards to provide clear, common language for instruction.

Our Curriculum

We are deeply focused on 21st century academics and offer every student a wide selection of curricular options including virtual options, special education, high ability programming, college credit, career and technical education courses, and world language. Learn more on our Curriculum page.


Madison-Grant, a member of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), offers a variety of team and individual sports options to our students throughout the year, including:

  • Cross-Country (JH/HS) 
  • Basketball (JH/HS) 
  • Track and Field (JH/HS)
  • Football (JH/HS) 
  • Wrestling (JH/HS) 
  • Baseball (HS)
  • Volleyball (JH/HS) 
  • Softball (HS)
  • Tennis (HS)
  • Golf (HS)